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Program/Calendar of Activities
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"Hanruma ka eng Halinan, Bag-ong Milenyo ay Hanraan"

April 16
(Palm Sunday)
A.M. Opening Salvo
  • Parade (all barangays with banner and candidates as muses)
  • Welcome Address
  • Ground Demonstration (Sadaw sa comon for adults & parents - every barangay)
P.M. Championship Games (men/women)
  • Softball
  • volleyball
Evening Free
April 17
(Holy Monday)
A.M. Indoor Games (Amateur)
  • Scrabble
  • Chess
  • Checker
  • Domino
  • Sungka
P.M. Bingo Social (Open Entry)
Evening Cultural Presentation-Banton Group (depicting the past and present life)
April 18
(Holy Tuesday)
A.M. Youth Day
P.M. Various Youth Activities (TBD)
  • Di-dactics (Systematic Lecture)
Evening Start of Passion Reading (Public Theater)
April 19
(Holy Wednesday)
A.M. Continuation of Passion Reading
P.M. Continuation of Passion Reading
Evening Musical Presentation (Station of the Cross)
April 20
(Maundy Thursday)
A.M. Medical/Dental Mission
P.M. Medical/Dental Mission (up to 2:30 P.M.)
Liturgy, Last Supper (3:00 P.M.)
Evening Holy Hour Vigil
April 21
(Good Friday)
A.M. Continuation of Medical/Dental Mission (up to 11:30 A.M.)
12:00 n.n. Last Words
P.M. Procession
April 22
A.M. Consultative Meeting Followed by Agape Lunch by Barangay
P.M. Gift Giving (identified indigents) 2:00-4:00 P.M.
Evening Cultural Presentation-GMA/Elsewhere-Band Bantoanons
April 23
(Easter Sunday)
A.M. Mass
Egg Hunting
P.M. Parade with Beauties (Queen, 1st & 2nd runner-up)
followed by Barangays and Public
Evening Coronation Night


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