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Yagtings are invited to contribute other pastime and games the islanders play.


Pastime and Games Bantoanons Play


If you know games that you want to be included here please write an article about it and send it to me. Your article will be acknowledged.
Played by anybody, ages: 7 years up
bagoy Bagoy is a Bantoanon tribal game. Children always play bagoy after a tideous work in the field making copra.

The steps in playing bagoy can be found in Ish Fabicon's Homepage.
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Played by anybody, ages: 5 years up
A kind of game played by children of both sexes. The players will decide if how many squares to be played. The squares are drawn in a row/column style and on the first row of second column is the common "rest house". Both players will have a small flat oval-shape stone. (This kind of stone abounds in the island.) The game begins by throwing the stone to the "rest-house" square. The player who made the stone land on the center of the "rest-house" will be the first to play. All players will begin from sqaure one - last row of first column. Square one  is diagonally opposite of the common "rest-house".

The rules of the game are:  To push the stone by toes in a hopping manner - one foot bent up,  from square one to last square.

The stone must never stop on the line and is always inside a square and the foot of the player must never touch any line. The player can only rest/stop - two feet flat on the sqaure on his/her  own house.

When the player succeeds in bringing the stone out of the last sqaure  the process is repeated starting from the next square. The whole process is equal to the number of "unhoused" squares left. When the player succeeds in all the squares, he/she has to build a "house". Building a house is easy - just throw the stone about face. When stone lands on one of the squares the "house" is built. Breaking any rule of the game puts the play to the opponent. The player who  made many "houses" wins the game.

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For  ages: 10 years up                               (Rated   *PG at *BS )
hudop Pahudop uses a kind of bamboo known locally as bagacay. This is a long internode bamboo usually 24 inches in lenght and a diameter larger than a cigarette. Saga-saga seeds are used as pillettes.

Pahudop is a game that can inflict harm to oneself and to somebody. This can be played alone or  with a group or team mates. Playing alone is just like finding some insect and making it as your target. In groups, players must wear mask/eye glasses  to protect the eyes.

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Swimming and Playing with Lunday/Baroto
For  ages: 10 years up                               (Rated   *PG at *BS )
Ability to swim is a must.
Swimming and Playing with Lunday/Baroto This pastime is common among the kids along the coast line and poblacion.  The small boats are either made of coconut husks or wood.

It is interesting to note that with this kind of pastime, the kids learned basic skills in navigation and ship building. Some time in the history of the island's ship building (wooden ship), the islanders were able to build some of the largest wooden vessels in the country.
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Bazooka/Bamboo Canyon
For  ages: 10 years up                               (Rated   *PG at *BS )
Bazooka/Bamboo Canyon This pastime is toyed during christmas seasons.  During barrio fiesta children also play bamboo canyon. They inserted empty can on the opening as shell. Kerosine serves as fuel. The more the bamboo heats up the louder it produces sound.


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more *PG - Parental Guidance  / *BS - Bantoanon Standards
More pastime and games to follow. Visit this site always.