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Ryan Fauli's Yagting Cultural Heritage Collections
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Yagtings are invited to contribute folktales/legend about the island.



Lolo Awing talking to the fish On the very first day that Lolo Awing was left alone by the buccaneers in that island, most of his time were spent praying to God for help. Thinking that maybe these fish were sent by God to rescue him he slowly walked and confronted the fish. He said to them "If you three were sent by Almighty God to rescue me, go yonder to that horizon and come back again in this place."
Lolo Awing takes his chance, leave his fate to GOD The threesome obeyed his command. Lolo Awing was still unbelieving, ‘could this be true?’, mesmerized him. Putting his trust and fate to God, he slowly swim to the three fish waiting for him in the shallows. The three seems to be ready for their journey back to Banton.
Lolo Awing rides on the fish It was then a very calm day and the sea was silent. Lolo Awing rides on the back of the biggest among the three fish. The remaining two swim side by side along with them. It was told that upon returning to Banton they never met any sailboat or ship along the way Even large and predatory kind of fishes such as threatening sharks dared not cross their path.
Lolo Awing returns safely to the Banton, praising GOD

Lolo Awing was safely transported back home. They landed in Yanay - a sitio of Sibay between this barangay and Nasunogan, another  barangay made famous by her big wooden vessels and sailors. Still unbelieving of what had happened, Lolo Awing fell unto his knees praying and praising God for His mercy. Glory to God in the Highest.

~~~~The End~~~~

  • Lolo Awing story depicts the islanders' faith and reverence to God and the will to survive. These kinds of stories were retold and retold by our parents to the younger generation. Many incidents or shall I call them miracles that had happened of which sometimes it's impossible to explain. All of these were attributed to the unseen hands of the Lord. Such incidents were: A man fell from a coconut tree more than 30 feet high and suffered dislocated bones and was almost paralyzed. With his faith to God and with the help of our medicine man in the island the man survived, back to his form without any  trace of dislocated bones. In the island there is no hospital and sometimes when somebody needs immediate hospital attention the patient must be brought to a hospital in another remote island separated by rough seas. With the "rinamayan" spirit of the islanders no storm and rough seas could stop them in bringing the patient to a hospital even if it means a journey between life and death. There are many incidents like these that only after such next to impossible feat is accomplished the islanders say, "It’s a miracle. Glory to God in the Highest". Miracles do happen in the island.