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Ryan Fauli's Yagting Cultural Heritage Collections
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Yagtings are invited to contribute traditional occupational tools and the likes.

Trivia - Occupational Tools and others 


There are other occupational tools used by the farmers and fisherfolks. If you know such, send your articles to me.


A handpowered milling machine. It has a hollowed upper cylinder where the unmilled grains are placed. The bottom of the upper cylinder has a "teeth" or metal sheets attached in feather-like rows. These metal sheets will act as grinders. The upper clyinder is placed atop a cylindrical hard wood with a larger diameter  also with a "teeth". A hole is bored  in the upper cylinder one or two inches off the center. It has a wooden handle and when the upper cylinder is rotated the grains pass into the hole and out  through the grinding "teeth". This kind of milling machine is suitable for corn and not for rice.

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*Sayuran, Pasok and Tadyaw

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*Yusong, Ayho and Nigo

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More trivia to follow. Always visit this site.