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Yagtings are invited to contribute folktales/legend about the island.

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A big friendly fish appeared

One day while he was walking along the seashore a big fish appeared. The fish was so big. In all his life it was the first time that Lolo Awing had seen such a great fish. The fish swims near to him.

Lolo Awing walking along the shore Lolo Awing was not bothered by that great fish. He thought that it was just normal for an isolated island to harbor such fish. Instead he continued on his walk along the shore but the great fish followed him. Again he did not pay attention to such behavior of his strange companion in that island. Then he returned to his makeshift hut and the fish also left.
Two big friendly fish appeared the next day The next day Lolo Awing returned to the place where he had seen the great sea creature. To his surprise the fish came again and had even brought along one of its kind and size. The twosome seems to be friendly and not afraid of humans. Once again Lolo Awing did not pay attention to their friendliness and gentleness. He thought that maybe these fish in this isolated island had never encountered or experienced a threat from human beings.
Lolo Awing sea-shelling for food On the third day, once again he went back to the place where he saw the great fish. He brought with him a coconut shell drifted to that island. His purpose was not only to see the great fish but to gather some sea-shells.
The friendly fish, now three To his great surprise and wonder the big fish on that day was not only one or two but three. The threesome in Lolo Awing’s perception became more gentle and harmless as if they have something to convey to him. One of the fish was bigger than the others.
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