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Ryan Fauli

Ryan Fauli's Yagting Cultural Heritage Collections
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Yagtings are invited to contribute other pastime and games the islanders play.

Pastime and Games Bantoanons Play


If you know games that you want to be included here please write an article about it and send it to me. Your article will be acknowledged.
For  ages: 10 years up                               (Rated   *PG at *BS )
Ages below 10 must be accompanied by adults.
salong-salong/bahay kubo This is a pastime wherein the kids in the island are honed in basic carpentry and housekeeping.

Young boys gather bamboos and coconut leaves for the materials needed. The girls do the *surilap* and cooking using small pot and coconut shells as plates.

This is mostly done by barrio kids,  among their neighboors or just kids in the same household.

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For  ages: 5 years up                         
patunog This kind of pastime is common to barrio kids. Kids will just get two coconut leaves and strip the midribs. Get a half-pair of the leaf and make a strip at least 20 feet long. Fold it into two and tie the extreme ends into its midrib. Get another coconut midrib and put it inside the paired leaf, both ends of the midrib should rest on the extreme ends of the folded leaf forming a bow. The bow must not be to deep or to hollow. Then holding the midrib handle, swing it in cicular motion and the leaf will make a humming sound. The sound is generated by the flapping motion of the paired coco-leaf.


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For  ages: 7 years up                               (Rated   *PG at *BS )

Years ago palibor is toyed after the town fiesta. (Feast of Saint Nicolas deTolentino, second week of September) The reason for this is that there are plenty of threads hanging around used in street decoration. During those days there are no plastic straw and the threads used are multi-plier cotton threads. (helo de bela?). Aside from the thread a softdrink crown is needed. The crown is flattened and a pair of holes in the center of the crown is made. Attach the thread by fastening both ends each into the holes. Tie both ends of the thread together. Hook the two middle fingers on both ends of the thread and position the softdrink crown in the middle. Loosen your hold and let the circular tin hang freely. By vertical rotation of both hands accompanied by loosen-tighten motion of the thread the circular tin will rotate like a circular saw.

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For  ages: 10 years up                               (Rated   *PG at *BS )
Ages below 10 must be accompanied by adults.

Pagudor is common to barrio kids. This is a pastime wherein two or more kids work together. As you can see in the picture, one kid rides on the *taduok and the other will be the one to pull. Pulling and riding are done alternately by the pair or group. The best taduok to be used must be the one that encloses the bract/foliage or flower cluster of a betel-nut palm because this has a larger size wherein the kid can sit comfortably.

*Taduok - an Asi term for the long-stalked, sometimes huge, featherlike, or fanlike pleated leaves of a betel-nut palm. (Areca catechu)

*Paywa - the term for coconut leaves.

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Articles on other games such as: sikyuan, tumba-lata, tubigan and

sea pastime such as: boating, yukyok, panak, tapil, pamana to follow.

Contributors for these articles are welcome and will be aknowledged.

More pastime and games to follow. Visit this site always.