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Ryan Fauli's Yagting Cultural Heritage Collections
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Yagtings are invited to contribute traditional occupational tools and the likes.


Trivia - Occupational Tools and others 


There are other occupational tools used by the farmers and fisherfolks. If you know such, send your articles to me.

Bareta, Suyot and Pambungkoy

Bareta is a flat bar made of hard wood or iron. Suyot  is a trowel, either made of hard wood or iron.

Pambungkoy is a five  to six feet long pole made of slender branch of trees or bamboo approximately 1.5 inch in diameter. It is pointed on one end and is used in trusting the ground to make holes 1.5 inches deep or more spaced evenly apart. It is used in planting upland rice. A handful of palay can go from  4 to 5 holes. Planting is done in partners face to face. The one with the pambungkoy is in the upper slope and his partner in the lower slope will put the grain in the hole. Movement is done sideways then up slope.  Sometimes the pambungkoy is fashioned in such a way that there are a flapping sticks on the other end and these make a sound in rhythm with the movements.

bareta, suyot and pambungkoy
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(sorry, i forgot the name of this. anybody knows?)

This farm tool is made of used large size clay pot and puffer fish hide. (balat ng butete) The pot is covered tightly with the hide tied arround its neck. Then a small whole is made in the center of the cover and a string made of buri palm is placed inside the pot and one end is passed thru the hole and can be pulled. When the string is pulled the pot makes a sound loud enough to drive the mayas and other birds in the farm. It's really hard to make *ukaw (loud cry) just to drive the birds.

Some farmers said, this kind of tool brings good harvest.

"Mahirap ka nag-bubugaw...."

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Kalawit, Sayor, Kuyagi and Sanggot.

These are the gadgets that the tuba gatherer (mayangetero - coco pilot, coconaut) depends on.

Sayor is a single node bamboo usually up to 16 inches long and approximately 5 inches in diameter. Kalawit is one and a half internode in length, with larger diameter than sayor and with a wooden handle. Kuyagi is a long bamboo stick with bristles on one end and is used to clean the inside of sayor and kuyagi. Sanggot is the coconaut's  knife with a scabbard strap around the waist.

Do you want to experience being a mayangetero? Read this story from a mayangetero himself, Val Faigao


kalawit, sayor, kuyagi and sanggot
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Bugdong is a conch used by fishermen and sailor as a horn.  A hole is bored on the base end of the shell.  Sound is produced by blowing on the hole. Skill is needed to produce sound.

Years back when electric horn is not yet used in the island, arriving batel (wooden vessel) use this shell horn and kwitis.

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Prenza - is used in ironing clothes. This type of iron is common during the early century. This is not realy made of iron but bronze. It ressembles a crown. Unlike the iron common in the rural areas that ressembles a tag boat, this one is like a frying pan. It has no cover and you can even toast a banana while ironing.


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More trivia to follow. Always visit this site.